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Opal Treeby Commences on Site

Exciting to see our Opal Treeby Aged Care project kick off on site with a turning of the sod ceremony yesterday!

The sod turning honours were done by Daymon Joseph from Opal Aged Care WA, Mayor Logan Howlett of the City of Cockburn and Member for Jandakot Hon. Yaz Mubarakai (left to right).  

Opal Treeby will provide 120 beds including a memory support unit (MSU) wing, along with an abundance of landscaping and communal spaces.

KPA Architects are looking forward to a great working relationship with Opal Aged Care, Perkins Builders, project manager Johnstaff and the design consultant team to see the newest WA Opal Aged Care home come to life.

Completion is planned for July 2020 – watch this space!

You can find out more about this project by click here.

KPA Winner at the 2019 Eldercare Awards

WINNER | KPA Architects are proud to announce our project Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Aged Care received Winner for ‘Aged Care Project of the Year’ at the 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2019!

A wonderful achievement by all and we would like to congratulate and thank the following involved for their efforts in making this possible:

  • Aliena Inc (formerly known as Spine and Limb Foundation) – Client
  • Pindan – Builder
  • OP Properties – Project Management
  • BPA Engineering – Structural and Civil Engineering
  • Uloth & Associates – Traffic Engineer
  • Lucid Consulting Engineers – Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Fire, Energy Efficiency
  • Plan E – Landscape Architect
  • Ian Lush and Associates – NCC Certifier
  • Sealhurst – Acoustic Engineer
  • TPG – Town Planner
  • Stuart Green – Public Artist
  • Penni Sutton – Public Artist
  • Douglas Mark Black – Photographer
  • Red Empire Media – Video Production

FINALIST | KPA Architects received Finalist Award for ‘Architecture Firm of the Year’, and our Director Todd Paterson received Finalist Award for ‘Young Architect of the Year’. Congratulations Todd!

Winners and finalists were announced at the awards ceremony last night in Singapore.

We would like congratulate all finalists and winners of each category!

A few photos from the awards night:

Finalist List for Project of the Year

Finalist List for Project of the Year


Winner announced!

Winner announced!


Director Todd Paterson receiving winner for Koh-I-Noor

Director Todd Paterson receiving winner for Koh-I-Noor


Director Todd Paterson receiving winner for Koh-I-Noor

Director Todd Paterson receiving winner for Koh-I-Noor


Director Todd Paterson receiving winner for Koh-I-Noor

Director Todd Paterson receiving winner for Koh-I-Noor


Trophy and Certificate

Trophy and Certificate


Design Innovations for Seniors Living

The aged care sector is benefiting from a wave of design and building innovations aimed at overcoming many of the traditional challenges that have held the sector back.  At KPA Architects we are constantly investigating these new innovations, and we encourage our clients to do the same and implement them into their developments.

Design and building innovations can range from spatial arrangements to Building Management System (BMS) technology; from something simple like turning a nurse office into an open nook, to complex security and maintenance systems.

Three examples at recent projects designed by KPA Architects illustrate this.

The Keren Or Centre alterations at Maurice Zeffert Home were undertaken amongst a fully operational aged care home. The works involved the modification of an existing connecting corridor and the addition of four new bedrooms with ensuites. With works in the middle of the facility, a well thought-out design with great lines of communication was established between all stakeholders throughout the project. Complex situations of fire safety and systems, connections between the existing and new, and site access all required a team effort to overcome with innovative solutions. This ensured staff and residents were safe during construction and resulted in a smooth transition at completion.

mzh photo 2

Maurice Zeffert Home Alterations


At the Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Aged Care project the interior colours, patterns and imagery were drawn from nearby natural landmarks like Perry Lakes, Bold Park and Kings Park. This provides a sense of place and help residents recall memories. Each wing is named after landmarks, and from these defined wing names the KPA team designed custom imagery as a wayfinding tool throughout the building, which doubles as bespoke artwork.


Koh-I-Noor Way Finding Panel


Bethanie Gwelup is a campus style development that connects retirement and aged care living on the same site.  An Integrated Extra Low Voltage System (IELVS) was introduced to amalgamate the independent living and aged care buildings, which are traditionally separated, into one smooth-running site.  Residents of the independent living apartments can directly access services when needed without having to leave their home, such as ordering dinner from the kitchen and having it delivered.

The IELVS also monitors emergency and security controls and building equipment maintenance to identify malfunctions and automatically distributes work orders.  This innovative technology was recognised by the Property Council of Australia and received the ‘Award for Innovation’ at the 2017 Property Council National Retirement Living Awards.


Bethanie Gwelup – Retirement Living Apartments


The aim of these innovations is to put the interests of aged care residents first by reducing the operational workload on staff and ensuring more direct personal care is provided to residents.


KPA’s Jessica Clarkson Selected as Member for METRONET Group

KPA Architects are proud to announce Associate Architect Jessica Clarkson has been selected as a panel member for METRONET’s Access and Inclusion Reference Group. This group has been formed to provide advice for universal design features and impacts during the construction of new infrastructure.

The group consists of 12 members and will have input into design, usability and impacts of METRONET projects. Jessica was selected for her strong level of understanding matters that impact people with disability and mobility issues.

Congratulations Jessica! We look forward to seeing the positive impact you and the METRONET Access and Inclusion Reference Group can do for members of the community who have disability and mobility issues.

To find out more about METRONET’s Access and Inclusion Reference Group, click on the link below:


Image credit: METRONET

Staff Interview – Sheridan New

In the third of a series of 3-question interviews with KPA team members, Marc Spadaccini (MS) interviewed Sheridan New (SN).


For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet her, Sheridan New is our very own Revit Mama and is a brightly shining star in our team.  Sheridan is a gun at Revit and is one of the quickest learners you’ll ever meet.  She’s not just a smart cookie though; she has a fabulous soulful personality too. Meet Sheridan.

MS: When you first started at KPA just over six years ago, you won a scholarship from Central Tafe. What were the steps that brought you to that moment and what made you want to work in the architecture industry?

SN: Strangely enough drafting wasn’t on my initial career path. I was actually looking at a career in accounting and had aligned myself with the subjects in high school to do so, however Accounting was scratched and I ended up in a Technical Graphics class. After completing, and enjoying, a housing design assignment at the very end of year 12, I decided that drafting was a career I could see myself pursuing. From there I completed my Cert IV in Residential Drafting followed by my Diploma in Building Design and Technology in 2012, walking away with multiple awards including course DUX and a scholarship through KPA. The scholarship provided the winner with one year of full-time employment, or in my case 6 years to date. In this time, I have developed my drafting and technical skill to the point where I am recognised in the office as “Revit Mama”.

MS: So you are the “Revit Mama” at KPA. What does that mean and what is your role in the KPA team?

SN: Revit Mama is a title given to me by my colleagues here at KPA based on my high level of understanding and ability working in and with Revit. Within KPA I am the go-to person for Revit related queries, advice and technical issues. I also am tasked with creating and editing project content in the form of Revit Families.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Revit, it is a design and drafting program by Autodesk, and is the primary drafting software used within KPA.

MS: It’s no secret that you are a soulful sister, because we all love hearing you sing and play your guitar. What role does music play in your life, your connection to community and your faith?

SN: Growing up in a Christian family and as part of a church community, I’ve always been exposed to music in some form. My more soulful side and sound probably stems from my love of R&B and Motown.

My personal musical endeavours didn’t start until my early teens when I first picked up a guitar. Not long after this I began singing to accompany my guitar playing and a few years later taught myself the basics of piano. My strongest instrument by far is now my voice which has seen me involved in studio recording sessions, providing backing vocals on local artist albums and even doing the occasional wedding and other private events.

Predominantly though I serve as a vocalist in the worship team within my church community and in two additional church-based bands that run worship services, and provide live music at events across Perth and occasionally regional WA. In this way music provides me with not just a creative outlet but also an extended community and a tight knit musical family.

Strata Rules

The annual production of new strata title properties in WA has surpassed the creation of traditional ‘green-title’ properties for the first time, and this is influencing the design of new buildings and places.

A study by KPA Architects of new property titles issued by WA’s land agency Landgate in the last 20 years, found the proportion of new strata titled lots grew from a low point of 25% in 2002/03 to a peak of 51% in 2016/17.  In the current financial year, the proportion of new strata titled properties is on track to be 50% of total new lots.

Microsoft Word - Strata Rules

Contributing to strata properties being more prominent in recent years, include:

  • The share of new green-titles, many in new land estates, declining from 70% of new lot production to 50% and the pipeline of completed new apartment developments sold off-the-plan several years ago;
  • The success of new planning and infrastructure policies that promote higher density housing near suburban centres and Metronet stations; and
  • More housing diversity to cater for key market sectors, including affordable housing, seniors, people with disabilities and students.

Great examples of strata innovating the built environment are evident in modern retirement communities with more independent living units and the emergence of ‘built to rent’ developments like the growing number of student housing precincts in the Perth CBD.


The World’s Greatest Shave Success

The boys have done it!

Thank you to everyone who showed support, donated and came to the office to watch The World’s Greatest Shave on Friday the 15th March.

A big thank you to Todd Paterson, Marc Spadaccini, Peter Van Geloven and John Loreck, who went under the razor and shaved their heads and beards to help fight blood cancer. In their efforts they have raised $3800 – well over the $2000 target.

We are very proud of our KPA Archibalds for their efforts to support the Leukemia Foundation and families who face blood cancer everyday.

There is still time to donate. If you would like to donate, please head to:

A few photos from the afternoon of the World’s Greatest Shave:

Koh-I-Noor Featured in Fusion Magazine

KPA Architects are pleased to see the story of our Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Aged Care home with Spine and Limb Foundation (Inc), featured in the Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) Autumn 2019 edition of Fusion Magazine.

The article speaks of the architectural design philosophy, design process and how wellness and wellbeing is being supported – one of the themes this magazine issue focuses on.

You can read the article and other great features in this magazine by clicking on the link below. Head to page 54 to read our article!

KPA Team Members Selected as Jurors for WA Architecture Awards

KPA Architects is very pleased to announce that Sally Jones, Associate and Marc Spadaccini, Associate Director, have been selected as members of the jury for the WA Architecture Awards 2019.

In their role as jurors, Sally and Marc will be immersed in the rich and diverse canvas of WA submissions, visiting and reviewing a number of different projects throughout urban and regional WA.

This fantastic experience is just one of the ways KPA team members build upon their purpose-focused knowledge and skills every year, as well as the ongoing development of our team’s collective architectural intelligence.

The WA Architecture Awards 2019 presentation to juries will be held this Saturday 9th March at the University of Western Australia. Be sure to come and listen to the architects behind these exciting WA projects ranging from urban, heritage, multi-residential to small.

The WA Architecture Awards are held annually to recognise the very best of WA architecture, with finalists participating in the AIA National Awards.

Congratulations to Sally and Marc on their selection and we wish all entrants the best of luck with their submissions!

Visit the Institute website for more information: architecture.com.au/wa/#awards

Design Trifecta for Seniors Housing

The new Residential Design Code for Apartments known as Design WA, is the latest in a series of design policy innovations with the potential to make development of vertical villages more of a reality in Perth.

The new apartment design code coincides with the recent introduction of community strata titles, which is important in making mix-use projects like vertical villages more viable by clearly apportioning responsibility for different amenities in a development.

“When you combine these innovations with existing Liveable Housing Guidelines there is a huge opportunity to finally achieve a greater acceptance of vertical villages that incorporate a broad mix of uses, including retail, independent living units and aged-care facilities”, says KPA Architects Director Todd Paterson.

“We see Design WA as a positive, as it brings basic and considered design principles to assist an array of designers including builders, draftspersons, interior designers, architects, landscape designers when designing and building new apartment developments.

“These codes will improve apartment living, as it will give end users a clear understanding of what they should expect from the building; and to designers and builders, an understanding of what their end users will be expecting. These codes can also benefit seniors when they are choosing their next home.

“As seniors generally downsize into smaller homes, we believe Design WA will make apartment living a more attractive and viable option. With opportunities of shared courtyards and communal spaces such as bar and lounges, pools and BBQ alfresco areas, apartment developments can provide these amenities and more with little or no maintenance required from residents.

“With minimum ceiling height and room size requirements in Design WA, seniors can be comfortable knowing they can fit themselves, their belongings and their families when they come to visit and stay” notes Mr. Paterson.

“At KPA, we also have staff who are LHA (Liveable Housing Australia) assessors and designers. If we combine the new apartment design Codes with the Liveable Housing Guidelines in a community title framework, the opportunities and options of unique seniors housing is endless” says Mr. Paterson.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity of seniors housing using the new Residential Design Code for Apartments and / or the Liveable Housing Australia guidelines with the application of community titles, please get in contact with Todd Paterson from KPA Architects on 9367-6866 or todd.p@kpa-architects.com.