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New Design Standards for Aged Care

Communities expect a lot more from the design, furnishing and maintenance of aged care centres, which is finally being recognised in new laws covering the sector.

From 1 July 2019, the physical environment that aged-care services are delivered in residential care, respite and day therapy centres in Australia, will be covered by new Aged Care Quality Standards.

Centres must provide a safe and comfortable service environments that promote the consumers’ independence, function and enjoyment.

As architects specialising in aged care facilities, we are acutely aware of this responsibility when designing new projects and upgrading existing facilities.

To align with the new standards, good designs will maximise the opportunity to achieve three key base-line outcomes for aged care consumers:

1.      Safe, clean, well maintained and comfortable premises;

2.      Indoor and outdoor spaces that are easy to understand and navigate; and

3.      Furniture, fittings and equipment that are ‘fit for purpose’.

You can read more about Aged Care Quality Standards here: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission