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Staff Interview – Peter Van Geloven

For the first of a series of 3-question interviews with KPA team members, to help you get to know us all a bit better, Libby Pracilio interviewed Peter Van Geloven.

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For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, Peter is our incredibly knowledgeable and technically savvy Documentation Manager. Within his broader project leadership role, he makes sure we’re all on track in terms of documentation quality and is a master when it comes to building detailing.

LP: So Peter, your original qualification was in building design and drafting, but you have your Diploma in Building and Construction as well.  What inspired you to follow that path?

PVG:  I wanted to increase my knowledge and develop a better understanding of the processes involved on the building side of our industry.   This has allowed me to increase my versatility and capacity within the office and to be a part of the continuing evolution for our industry.  It is also a stepping stone to pursue my builder’s registration.

LP: As an architectural practice, we’re predominantly office-based rather than out on site.  How do you find your additional education informs you in your current role?

PVG:  It has allowed me to better understand activities on site and to improve systems in the office, so that the information we include in documentation is more relevant to each individual project.  This additional education has given me the ability to better coordinate services, trades and construction on site.

LP: Now, I know you’re not only passionate about great documentation, but you also commit a lot of your time outside of work to being a volunteer fire fighter and a surf life saver.  Can you tell us a bit about what motivated you to work with these particular organisations?

PVG:  I love to serve the community and receive great enjoyment out of helping others in their time of need, along with meeting different people from diverse backgrounds.  From a young age I embraced opportunities to learn new skills and to help others and these values have continued in my adult life.  Volunteering is a great way to increase knowledge and life skills as well as passing down critical knowledge and experiences to the younger generations through leadership and training programs.  This gives everyone life skills and a better understanding that, no matter what religion, race or cultural backgrounds you are from, you can still stand as one, together. Through Surf Life Saving my leadership skills and ability to strive for higher goals and overcome difficulties have been forged.  Volunteer Fire Rescue has given me the ability to identify risk and come up with the best possible solution in a timely manner.  In both organisations, I aim to provide the community with a safe environment so that the public can enjoy their surroundings.

LP: Thanks Peter.  On reflection, it’s really interesting to see the parallels forming between your roles professionally and in volunteering.  We look forward to seeing your progress over the coming months and years in the areas of documentation and construction.

At KPA Architects, we’re dedicated to creating environments that enhance people’s lives.