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Who We’ll Become

At KPA Architects, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of change which involves adapting new technologies into architectural practice and implementing sustainable architecture.

Sustainable designs and technology are constantly being encouraged with our clients, with Bethanie Gwelup incorporating a large photovoltaic solar panel array and other sustainable building practices as an example.

Retail architecture is constantly evolving due to new planning legislation that requires more main street and urban design principles and solutions. Mixed use developments incorporating retail with other typologies such as apartments, child care and medical centres are now becoming an integral part of what we now call ‘Activity Centres’, some located as part of ‘Transit-Oriented Developments’.

Aged care and retirement living architecture is similarly undergoing significant changes and progression. From a cottage industry some 30 years ago, aged care and retirement living has, over the last 10 years, seen major corporations becoming investors in the industry. As such, they bring with them more sophisticated understandings of property development. As people are now living longer the need for aged care and retirement living is increasing. With KPA Architects at the forefront of aged care and retirement living design, we will continue to expand our knowledge and skills to apply innovative approaches to design as this sector of architecture continues to grow.

KPA Architects look forward to the ever evolving practice of architecture and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, consultants, staff and families. To all who have contributed to KPA’s success; we thank you for your help to get KPA Architects to where we are today. We look forward to working with you and many more people to take KPA Architects through another great 40 years and beyond.