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Staff Interview – Clare Paterson

For the ninth of a series of short interviews with KPA team members, to help you get to know us all a bit better, Hayley Green (HG) interviewed Clare Paterson (CP).

Clare is a Designer and Draftsperson at KPA and has been part of the KPA team since 2002. She has a flair for interior design and is our expert in LHA (Livable Housing Australia) and SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Design.

HG:  As a professional woman, a mother and wife, what would you say is the biggest challenge women face in Australia in 2021 / 2022 and what would you suggest women can do to help overcome this challenge?

CP: For me, I think that work life balance is still a huge challenge for many women. I think women feel the need to constantly be present at work to ensure that nothing slips, deadlines are met and that you feel you are progressing in your career. That can become tricky when you add a family and then must not only consider your commitments and schedules but also those of a partner and child/children (in my case 3 children).

I would suggest that women remember to take time for themselves (even a walk at lunch is a great start), book holidays and time off with your family, make sure you attend those important events in your kids lives and find a mentor that you respect that can help give you insights and advice.

I am extremely grateful to work in a place like KPA where flexibility and work life balance are already a part of the culture of the company. 

HG: What advice would you give young woman contemplating working in the architecture / construction industry?

CP: I think that we have come a long way in how society see women in the Architecture and Construction industry. A lot of hard work has been done to change people’s mindsets about stereotypes. They are many women in the industry that are very good at what they do and make a difference in the field on a daily basis.

My advice is to listen and learn from as many people as possible, be confident and take on responsibilities. If you think you have something to add, join the growing role of women in the industry!

TP: What one thing do you look forward to post COVID-19 restrictions?

CP: I cannot wait to travel again and take my kids on family trips to a few places that we are yet to visit with them. On previous trips I have fallen in love with places like Hoi An and Singapore and would love to be able to share those places with my children. My kids are also pretty keen for a trip to Lego Land!