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Staff Interview – Hayley Green

For the eighth of a series of short interviews with KPA team members, to help you get to know us all a bit better, Todd Paterson (TP) interviewed Hayley Green (HG).

Hayley is KPA’s Bookkeeper and has been part of the KPA team since 2007. She is the organiser of our social events, keeps everyone on task and is always there to lend a hand. She is an avid gardener, putting her green thumb to good use through permaculture and organic gardening.

TP:  When did you start at KPA (Ken Paterson Architects) and what was your initial role that you started in? How has that evolved over the years?

HG: I commenced employment with KPA in 2007, where I took on varying roles including receptionist, office administrator and personal assistant to Ken Paterson.  In 2010 I transitioned into financial management responsibilities. I feel grateful for the many opportunities KPA have provided and enjoy my time working with Ken Paterson and later, Todd Paterson.

TP: Exploring new talents outside of work is an area of interest to you. Let us know some skillsets or interests that you have acquired since working at KPA.

HG: After the birth of our daughter, we moved to a few acres in the Perth Hills, where I studied Permaculture Design and put these new skills to practical use. With that came many new skills such as animal husbandry (bees, chickens, ducks, geese, and ponies), worms and soil health, and the challenges of growing fruit trees and vegetables, regenerative agriculture and biodynamic gardening. It is a relaxing hobby and lovely way to spend time in nature with endless lessons, trial and error being a valuable teacher.

TP: You are a keen traveller and love a good road trip. What are your top three places to visit within Western Australia?

HG: The family have enjoyed several trips up the coast of Western Australia in an old coaster bus enjoying the beauty of Broome’s Cable Beach. However nowadays, we stay closer to home.

My top 3 WA holiday destinations are:

  1. The South West to the secluded Cosy Corner (between Denmark and Albany in the South West),
  2. The Busselton-Margaret River region, enjoying the proximity and beautiful beaches, and
  3. Broome’s Cable Beach