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Staff Interview – Sheridan New

In the third of a series of 3-question interviews with KPA team members, Marc Spadaccini (MS) interviewed Sheridan New (SN).


For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet her, Sheridan New is our very own Revit Mama and is a brightly shining star in our team.  Sheridan is a gun at Revit and is one of the quickest learners you’ll ever meet.  She’s not just a smart cookie though; she has a fabulous soulful personality too. Meet Sheridan.

MS: When you first started at KPA just over six years ago, you won a scholarship from Central Tafe. What were the steps that brought you to that moment and what made you want to work in the architecture industry?

SN: Strangely enough drafting wasn’t on my initial career path. I was actually looking at a career in accounting and had aligned myself with the subjects in high school to do so, however Accounting was scratched and I ended up in a Technical Graphics class. After completing, and enjoying, a housing design assignment at the very end of year 12, I decided that drafting was a career I could see myself pursuing. From there I completed my Cert IV in Residential Drafting followed by my Diploma in Building Design and Technology in 2012, walking away with multiple awards including course DUX and a scholarship through KPA. The scholarship provided the winner with one year of full-time employment, or in my case 6 years to date. In this time, I have developed my drafting and technical skill to the point where I am recognised in the office as “Revit Mama”.

MS: So you are the “Revit Mama” at KPA. What does that mean and what is your role in the KPA team?

SN: Revit Mama is a title given to me by my colleagues here at KPA based on my high level of understanding and ability working in and with Revit. Within KPA I am the go-to person for Revit related queries, advice and technical issues. I also am tasked with creating and editing project content in the form of Revit Families.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Revit, it is a design and drafting program by Autodesk, and is the primary drafting software used within KPA.

MS: It’s no secret that you are a soulful sister, because we all love hearing you sing and play your guitar. What role does music play in your life, your connection to community and your faith?

SN: Growing up in a Christian family and as part of a church community, I’ve always been exposed to music in some form. My more soulful side and sound probably stems from my love of R&B and Motown.

My personal musical endeavours didn’t start until my early teens when I first picked up a guitar. Not long after this I began singing to accompany my guitar playing and a few years later taught myself the basics of piano. My strongest instrument by far is now my voice which has seen me involved in studio recording sessions, providing backing vocals on local artist albums and even doing the occasional wedding and other private events.

Predominantly though I serve as a vocalist in the worship team within my church community and in two additional church-based bands that run worship services, and provide live music at events across Perth and occasionally regional WA. In this way music provides me with not just a creative outlet but also an extended community and a tight knit musical family.