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Five Decades of Retail Excellence

Creating exciting new shopping environments was the foundation of KPA Architects in WA. Beginning in 1984 with the Newman Boulevard Shopping Centre we have helped create numerous centres in Perth metro and statewide. Some of the early landmark developments were Innaloo Shopping Centre and Mirrabooka Square. More recently we participated in the creation of popular community hubs like Eaton Fair and The Mezz, Mt Hawthorn. As centres evolve and new ones emerge, we look forward to helping clients develop their retail assets for their local communities to enjoy.

Five Decades of Excellence: Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

An important innovation at KPA Architects is designing homes for people living with disabilities. We are proud to have pioneered Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Western Australia, including:

– The first NDIS approved SDA in WA, for Rocky Bay in 2020.

– WA’s first SDA designed and built with modular construction, for housing provider Habilitas in Geraldton.

– Brightwater’s Piara Waters, a world class SDA project with 7 houses co-designed with and for people living with Huntington’s Disease. 

We are honoured to be assisting people living with disabilities and we look forward to continuing the important work with our partners in the sector.

Off-Site Framing Ideal for SDA

A survey of KPA Architects’ twenty Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) projects currently underway, found off-site framing is the new normal in response to rising construction costs and our customers’ special needs.

KPA Director Todd Paterson says: “Off-site framing is associated with quicker assembly time, reduced waste, and improved site coordination. We can also focus more on delivering tailored dwellings for people living with disabilities.”

Geraldton Oasis Officially Opened

There were celebrations all around in Geraldton last week for the grand opening of ‘Gero Oasis,’ Western Australia’s first SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) designed and built with modular construction.

KPA Architects is delighted to be part of the team that created the three-dwelling project for NDIS registered SDA housing provider Habilitas.

For subscribers of The West Australian/Geraldton Guardian, see the links below for the recent local media reports with more details about the project.

Geraldton tenants view Perth-built specialist disability accommodation units at Habitilas launch in a WA first | Geraldton Guardian

Habilitas hosts housewarming party for Callum Savin as family and carers attend Wonthella SDA launch | Geraldton Guardian

Framed Construction

It is pleasing to see KPA Architect’s portfolio of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) work continuing to grow, with fifteen projects underway.

The projects vary in scale from single residential to campus-style grouped dwellings and modular transportable homes. Interestingly, the common link in all the projects is the shift to framed construction. Explaining the trend to framed construction, KPA Architects Director, Todd Paterson, states: “There has been a significant shift away from traditional brick construction methodologies due to cost constraints. Framed construction also makes it easier to meet the high specifications required for NDIS certification of SDA housing”.