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The KPA Awards 2017

At the end of each year in the KPA Architects office, we host an awards ceremony where each staff member can vote for others for their excellence in areas such as leadership, teamwork, contribution and most importantly the Director’s award, chosen and awarded, by our Director Todd Paterson. This year we are very proud to announce our winners:

THE SHIELD AWARD (for teamwork)
Honourable mention: Penni Sutton
Winner: Rosslyn Masters

THE SWORD AWARD (for leadership)
Honourable mention: John Loreck
Winner: David Spreadbury

THE ST. KENNETH AWARD (for knowledge and development)
Honourable mention: Jessica Radny
Winner: Gawie Stickling

THE WYVERN’S AWARD FOR WORDSMITHERY (for the best one-liner)
Honourable mention: Rosslyn Masters
Winner: Sheridan New

THE SAINT’S STEED AWARD (for exceptional contribution)
Honourable mention: Craig Savoury
Winner: Sally Jones

THE KPA AWARD (for project of the year)
Winner: Italian Aged Care

THE DRAGON’S DOMAIN AWARD (for most awards nominations)
Winner: David Spreadbury

THE ST. GEORGE AWARD (the Director’s award)
Winner: David Spreadbury