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We’re all in this together – Part 2

Research shows that the quality of an environment can have a positive impact on people’s lives by increasing occupant wellness, both mentally and physically.  Improved general health also improves health and mortality outcomes in the event of a viral or bacterial outbreak.  High quality architectural and interior design in new and refurbished facilities is key to achieving this.  Some elements of design for improved occupant wellness include:

  • architectural design, including solar orientation, materials, language;
  • interior design, including finishes, colours, biophilia, scale, furnishings;
  • outdoor and landscaped spaces;
  • services design to improve air quality, temperature, acoustics;
  • specific requirements, e.g. dementia, particular dis/abilities;
  • adaptability for individualisation of spaces;
  • design to support self-sufficiency;
  • in-house or co-located support, medical and wellbeing facilities;
  • size, layout and particulars for staff breakout and rest spaces, end of trip facilities and wellness areas; and
  • efficiency in planning, to avoid staff over-working and to reduce response times.

Informed building planning and coordination is central to optimising the performance of the individual measures, as well as the building as a whole.

Business is continuing at KPA and we recently emailed our current connections regarding the specific measures we have put in place to allow this to happen safely.  We encourage you to contact us for a discussion on how we can help you to utilise this time to improve the health and quality of life outcomes of the people in your care, now and into the future.

We also encourage you to reach out for a chat, for the maintenance of our collective mental wellbeing as a community.  We’re all in this together.

Finally, to those people that have already lost their loved ones or have been impacted as a result of the virus: our deepest sympathies are with you.  To those people on the front line who are caring for others and providing us with essential services: we thank you and applaud your efforts and bravery.  For those people taking things day by day: we send our best wishes for continued wellness.  And we remind ourselves, this won’t last forever.